Our credit union was chartered in 1955 when a couple of union members decided they could pool their resources to help one member earn interest on their savings by giving another member a loan to buy a car. Fast forward 60+ years and we’re still just as dedicated to helping our 290 members today.

About Vacation Fund

Login to It’s Me 247 to see when the last vacation fund was received.

When is vacation fund posted?
Vacation fund deposits are sent to the credit union by the 10th of each month.  We begin posting those deposits immediately.

Why does my pay stub not match what’s in my vacation fund account?
Your employer submits contributions made on the hours that you worked each month to the trust office.  After the trust office has verified those totals, they send the funds to the credit union to be deposited into your vacation fund account.  This process takes approximately two months.

For example, the contributions made on the hours that you worked in January are received by the trust office in February and deposited into your vacation fund account by the 10th of March.

Vacation Fund Services

We offer several services just for you.  You can add or change any of these services by selecting and completing the appropriate online form below.

Automatic WithdrawalHave your vacation fund deposit automatically mailed to you in a check or transferred to another account at the credit union.Withdrawal Form
Account 2 Account (A2A) TransferTransfer to your account at another financial institution through our online or mobile banking.A2A Setup Form
Pay Union DuesPay your union dues automatically from your vacation fund account.Union Dues Form
Contribute to PAC FundContribute to the UA 290 Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund automatically from your vacation fund account.PAC Cont Form
Order an ATM cardATM card for access at over 30,000 surcharge free ATMsOrder ATM Card
Sign up for email noticesGet an email each time you receive a vacation fund deposit.Subscribe Now

Did you know…

We host personal finance classes just for apprentices.

We are proud to serve UA 290.  We understand your line of work like no other financial institution. We can be MORE than just your vacation fund. You can become a member and save and spend with us anytime. Having a loan at your credit union not only helps your union brothers and sisters but can be very beneficial to you. We understand your job history, we can take your payments directly from vacation fund and we offer great rates!