We have made many changes this year and are excited to announce one more!

Our goal has always been to do right by our members and provide them the best possible banking experience, they do own the place after all! With our new virtual direction we wanted a new name to grow with us and better represent who we are.

Over 60 years ago this credit union was founded by the steamfitters’ union to be a unique financial institution devoted to supporting their fellow workers. During the past six decades we have grown and now serve more trade groups and their families. Our new name represents who we are and where we are going.

This change will not affect our member’s accounts. Deposit information, checks, debit, credit, and ATM cards, will all function the same. Though, you can keep an eye out for new customized styles on our debit, credit and ATM cards!

We hope you will join us in our excitement as we transition to United Trades Federal Credit Union in the coming year!